How can I edit Assignment Settings?

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As the third step in the Course Wizard, the Assignment Settings page allows you to alter the participation credit and weight for entire assignments. You likely won’t need to adjust these settings at all. By default, questions in Prelectures and Bridge/Checkpoints have 100% participation credit and a weight of 1. Problems/Homework have 0% participation credit and a weight of 1.

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Participation Credit: Participation credit defines how much credit to give the student just for trying, regardless of the accuracy of the answer. A participation credit of 0% means that the student will only get full credit if their answer is correct. A participation credit of 100% means that a student will receive full credit just for answering the question.

Weight: Resetting the weights ensures that all problems in the assignment count equally toward the assignment’s grade.

What assignments are affected?

The affected assignments are those of the selected assignment types marked in the Perform changes to these units: parameter.