Partial Credit

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Partial credit is awarded on multi-part questions. For example, if there are two distinct parts within a single question, a student can earn a score of 50% for getting only one part correct.

What counts as a "part"?

Use the red X's to help you identify distinct "parts". Any answer blank that gets its own red X when incorrect is "all-or-nothing" in terms of scoring. The example below shows a two-part question, where the student currently has a score of 50%, not 75%.

Similarly, the drag-and-drop questions (sorting, ranking, and labeling) must be fully correct before they count, rather than granting credit for each draggable item.

Attempt deduction and partial credit

If the assignment has a grading policy that deducts for attempts, that deduction is divided equally among the parts. In the example shown above, if you were to get the question correct on the next try and there is a 5% deduction per attempt, you would earn a 97.5% because the first attempt was only half wrong.