Not all of my students' grades are appearing in my D2L/Brightspace gradebook. What could be the issue?

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You can use the Macmillan Roster Information page to track which students have completed single sign on registration with LaunchPad or Writer's Help 2.0 through D2L/Brightspace. It's important for students to complete single sign on, for if they don't, the grades of assignments they've completed in LaunchPad/Writer's Help 2.0 will not flow into D2L/Brightspace, even if you perform a manual grade refresh.


If your students report completing their work, but you're not seeing their grades in your D2L/Brightspace gradebook, then chances are they're going to your LaunchPad/Writer's Help 2.0 course URL rather than opening their assignments from inside D2L/Brightspace. Please follow these instructions to identify which students haven't completed single sign on, then send them the directions to do so.

Log in to D2L/Brightspace

Log in to D2L as yourself and open your course.

Click Macmillan Roster Information


Click Macmillan Roster Information

Open the Macmillan Course Tools widget, scroll down to Support Tools, and click Macmillan Roster Information.


Note which students have not linked LaunchPad/Writer's Help 2.0 to D2L/Brightspace

Note which students have not linked Writer's Help 2.0 to D2L

On the Macmillan Higher Education Roster page, confirm that all students actively enrolled in your D2L/Brightspace course have an email address listed in the Macmillan Higher Education Accountcolumn.

The presence of an email address for students in the Macmillan Higher Education Account column confirms that they have completed single sign on registration from D2L/Brightspace. The LaunchPad/Writer's Help 2.0 grades of students listed on this roster without an email address will not automatically or manually flow into D2L. Please send students the directions on how to link their LaunchPad/Writer's Help 2.0 accounts to your D2L/Brightspace course.