Verify, edit, or export student information

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View Participants

  1. Go to Course Management
  2. Choose Participants

From the participants page, you can see all the teachers, students, TA's, etc who have access to the homework.

Sorting and Filtering

  • To sort users by a particular column, click on the column name. For example, you can sort by ID number to easily find all students who have not entered their student ID number into their profile.
  • To narrow the participants by role (e.g., students only) choose a role from the Show only menu.
  • To narrow the participants by activity, select a time period from the Inactive for more than menu.
  • If you are using groups, you'll be able to show only a particular group using the Separate Groups or Visible Groups menu.

Exporting and Editing

  • To edit a student's name or ID number, click the pencil icon Pencil icon has tool tip on mouseover of "Edit first and last name" next to that student's info.
  • To reset a student's password, click the Reset link, type the desired new password, then click OK.
  • To download the roster, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Export roster button.
  • To make bulk edits to names or ID numbers, export the roster as described above, make the desired changes in the spreadsheet, then click Update users via upload.

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