How do I set objectives for my students' assignments?

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You can create objectives when you create a new assignment or you can edit the assignment to set your objectives later.


Create a new assignment

For more information on creating a new assignment, please read "How do I create an assignment?"

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Click "Objectives" from the assignment feature tab


By selecting your objectives for an assignment, you are choosing the areas to focus your feedback. Objectives are optional for Express Assignments and Stimulus-based Assignments, but are required for WriterKey Assignments.

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Click each drop down arrow and check the boxes to select up to six objectives


The objectives you choose will be presented to you through the feedback tool to use as you respond to students. Limit your choices to writing features you are reviewing/teaching prior to students submitting the assignment.

Why can you choose no more than six objectives?

Effective coaches understand that students need feedback on their writing that is aligned to the instruction they have received. Yet, too much feedback creates cognitive overload and prevents the feedback from being constructive. WriterKey limits the objectives for feedback to focus both the student and the teacher on the skills that were taught and are being reinforced through feedback.

The objectives are focused on the craft of writing. These objectives target specific qualities of writing teachers commonly teach.

You can also use custom objectives for traits for which objectives are not provided. For more on how to do that, please read, "How do I create/edit custom objectives for my students' assignments?"

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If you hover the mouse on the indicator on the right side you can view descriptions of the objectives rubric for each objective.

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Click "Save Objectives" when you're done making your selections

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You will see that your objectives will populate your assignment sheet.

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Click on the assignment you wish to edit

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Click "EDIT"

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Follow the instructions above beginning with How do I set objectives for my students' assignments?