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If a student doesn't have internet access, or for some reason needs their Sapling Activities printed, rather than completing them online, you can print that student's assignments, then you or the student can input those answers later. The following instructions will walk you through how to print a specific assignment for a student. It will populate questions with the values the student will see it when completing the assignment online. 
Due to the algorithms in the system, not all students will see every question with the same content, so teachers cannot print one set of assignments and then copy them for the whole class. They must be printed individually for specific students.
  1. Click on the Grade Book Icon
  2. Click the student's numeric grade for that assignment. (If the student has not begun the activity then click on the --)
  3. From the top of the question preview panel click Print
  4. Choose whether you want to print the entire assignment or print the current item (only that question).

    • The assignment on your computer will show the solution to each problem. This will not show up on the printed assignment. 
  5. Follow any additional on-screen prompts (these will depend on your computer's printing settings.)
If you have access to the student's username and password you can also follow these instructions to print a specific assignment.
  1. Sign in as the student with their username and password.
  2. Navigate to the desired activity.
  3. Click print.