How do I complete a Diagnostic?

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Find Diagnostics on your Assignments list

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Select a test

Click to expand the cluster, then click on the test you want to take.

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Answer Questions

  1. Read the instructions at the top of the page. Then, read and answer the questions in any order that you wish.

  2. Tick the button by the answer you think is correct.

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Submit your answers

When all the questions on the page have been answered, click Submit.

Note: Once you click Submit, your answers cannot be changed.

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If you forget to answer a question, you will get a reminder message.

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Review your answers

Once submitted, you will find out if your answers on that page are correct or not.

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Click Next to continue 

There are multiple pages of questions for each quiz.

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If you need a break...

You can navigate to another page, or log out and back in again. You will be able to answer any remaining Diagnostic questions when you return.

Complete the quiz by the due date

You must answer all of the questions and submit them all to complete your assignment. If you do not answer all questions, you will get a zero for a grade. Your score will not show at the top of the page or report to the Gradebook until all of the questions have been answered and submitted.

Performance Report

At the end of the Diagnostic quiz, you will get your Performance Report. This report shows how well you performed on each topic. The blue bar indicates the percentage of questions you answered correctly.

If you wish to review your answers, you can click on Back to review the questions. This will take you back to the beginning of the Diagnostics questions. To get to a later page, click Next until you arrive at that page.

Visit the help article How can I use my Diagnostic Performance Report? for more information on how to use the report to improve your scores on future assignments.

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Click Home to return to your Assignments page.

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