How do I submit my work?

Document created by Vishal Sharma on Jan 12, 2017
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Select the assignment

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Click "Start"

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Choose a method to upload your paper

Upload from Computer

  1. Select Upload from Computer;
  2. Browse your computer for your paper
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Import from Google Drive

  1. Click "Import from Google Drive;"
  2. Click "Import from Google Drive."
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Edit/Paste Text

  1. Click "Edit / Paste Text;"
  2.  Paste your document into the available space and edit, using the editing tools.
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Click "Next (Start Reflection)

You can also click "Save & Finish Later" if you want to save your work and return to it.

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Give feedback on the assignment

  1. Reflect on your assignment;
  2. Choose the radio button that best answers the questions;
  3. Slide the bar to predict the score/grade you will receive;
  4. Answer the questions;
Click "Hand in Assignment' when you're done. You can also click "Save & Finish Later" if you wish.

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Click "View" on the Dashboard to see your assignment if you wish

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