How can I check to see if a student plagiarized work from another student?

Document created by Vishal Sharma on Jan 12, 2017
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Select the assignment from your Dashboard

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Look for the colored dots next to your students' names

Unique papers are indicated with a green dot.

The more similar the content of this paper is to another, the more the dot color changes: from green to light green, to orange, and finally to red.

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Hover your cursor over the dot to get more information

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Examine papers with a red dot

Place your cursor over the red dot and click the paper that is shown in the content menu that appears

When you do this both papers will be loaded side-by-side.

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Inspect the papers

You can now examine the papers to see if they are too similar. In the example below the two papers are virtually identical.

Note: A highlight-search tool is also included on the side-by-side view as well as on the Feedback Tool screen that you can use to see if content from a paper was taken from an internet source that has been indexed by Google.
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