What can I do if I'm experiencing slower than expected loading of the Assignment View screen?

Document created by Vishal Sharma on Jan 12, 2017
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If you are experiencing slower-than-expected loading of the Assignment View screen, it may be due to the size of your class. Every time this screen is loaded, all papers in that assignment are scanned for plagiarism. Extremely large classes (approaching 100 students) will take longer to process the assignment.

If this accurately describes your situation, you can resolve issue this by temporarily disabling the plagiarism detection while grading.

Click the menu icon

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Select "Advanced Options

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Click to toggle the "Show Similarity Index feature" to the off position

The Similarity Index feature allows you to quickly see if a submitted assignment by one student is similar to any other writing submitted for the assignment. Once activated, the Similarity Index tool will show a dot next to every student's name on the assignment screen. The dot is color coded to show you the similarity of that student's writing to others: green (for unique papers); yellow (for mild concern); orange (for more concern); red (for the highest level of concern). Rolling over the colored dot and then clicking on the student name will reveal the two assignments side by side for comparison.

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Re-enable this feature when you are ready to check the list of papers for plagiarism

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