How can I save a sample of student writing to use as a model for other students?

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Note that you can save model texts in .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, or .TXT file formats. This feature does not support .PDF documents.

There are two methods to add model texts to your model text library:

Select the assignment

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Click "Start Here" to begin grading

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Click "MODELS"

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Click "Add and Open Model Text" to set up your model text

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Select what your students will be able to view

  1. Modify the title;
  2. Toggle to choose whether or not students will see the feedback you gave on the paper;
  3. Toggle to choose whether or not students will if you gave it a grade;
  4. Toggle to choose whether or not students will be able to see the rubric results;
  5. Write an annotation for students to let them know why you've selected this text;
  6. Write a note to remind yourself why you selected this text;
  7. You can align it to whatever topics you're working on. This will come pre-filled with the objectives you selected when you were giving feedback to the assignment. You can modify these by checking and unchecking the boxes;
  8. Choose the class;
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Click "Save & Next"

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Edit the text (optional)

You can edit the text to remove student names, correct distracting mistakes, or add questions or notes directly into the text.

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Click "Save & Done"

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View Model Texts

WriterKey saves your model texts in your "Model Text Library"

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From the model text library, click "+Add Model Text"

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Upload your model text

  1. Give your model text a title;
  2. Choose a Rhetorical Genre;
  3. Choose the grade level;
  4. Choose a method to upload the model text.
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Click "Add Model Text"

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