How do I use the Target Score?

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The target score explained

The default target score is calculated so that a student who answers every question correctly right away will have to answer about 5 questions for each topic covered in the activity.

An activity that covers 4 topics then has a minimum of 20 questions to be answered. The higher the target activity score, the more questions students will need to answer in order to complete the activity.

Students have completed a LearningCurve activity once they have earned enough points to reach the target score.

If you’d like to adjust the Target Activity Score so that students have more or less available time with an activity, you can click on the "Edit Target Score" button found on the activity start screen.

Adjust the Target Score

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User-added image

Note that changing the target score after students have already begun may affect your students' completion status, and students will need to revisit the activity for their grades to update.