Where can I see the status of each student's assignments in Gradebook?

Document created by Vishal Sharma on Jan 12, 2017
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In each student's row, you'll see the status of their assignments. Hover over the status and a tooltip will pop up with more information. To turn off tooltips, uncheck the box at the top left of the gradebook.

There are four possibilities for assignment status:

Lab not run

A dash in the gradebook means the student never opened the lab or started the assessment.


There are two types of pending status:

Assessment not submitted

The student has started the lab, but hasn’t submitted the assignment yet.

Pending Redo

You've allowed the student to redo the lab and are waiting for a new assignment to be submitted.


The student has submitted an assignment, but you haven't assigned a grade. This link is turquoise in color.


You'll see the grade sent to the student. Note that multiple choice questions are automatically graded when the student submits them.