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The Sorting Module allows you to create matching questions in which students will drag and sort items into categories. To add a sorting module to your question, click the sorting icon in the toolbar and then click the area on the question tab where you want your module to be. 

You can edit the name of each category (bin) by clicking on the bin title. You can edit the name of each answer (item) by double clicking on the item title.
blank sorting tool


sorting options
  1. Number of bins. Allows you to add or remove bins.
  2. Number of items. Allows you to add or remove items.
  3. Randomize order. Randomizes the order of the choices presented to students.
  4. White backgrounds for items. Changes the color of item backgrounds to white.
  5. Revert. Removes changes made to module in current tab. 
  6. Grading status. Changes the module between static and graded. 
  7. Delete. Removes this module.