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You can add assignments to your assignment units from the Table of Contents or from the Assignments tab. We'll cover both options in this article.

Assign pages and other resources from the Table of Contents

Note: When adding assignments to units from the table of contents, we strongly suggest that you add assignments one topic or resource at a time, as opposed to a whole section or chapter at once. If you assign an entire chapter at once then all topics or resources within that chapter will have the same due date and point value, if you set one. Additionally, if you'd previously assigned individual topics or resources with unique due dates and point values, then the due date and point value that you set at the chapter level will override your previous settings. Any time you assign an entire chapter you will see the below warning about overriding assignment due dates.


From the Table of Contents, navigate to the page or resource you wish to add to your assignment unit. Hover your cursor over the title. The Options menu will appear at the right of the title.


Click Options. From the drop-down menu, click Assign.


On the Manage Assignment screen, use the drop-down menu to select an assignment unit that you have already created. After you have completed the rest of the assignment information, click Assign. For more information on completing this screen, please see the help article How do I create assignments?.


On the Assignments tab, you will now see the new assignment added to an existing assignment unit.


Add assignments to a unit from the "Assignments" tab

Click the "Assignments" tab


Click the arrow next to a unit to expand it

Click "Add to this Unit" and select "Create new" or "Add from resources"

  1. Select Create new if you'd like to create your own content from scratch, such as a quiz that you've written or a folder to hold a collection of documents.
  2. Select Add from resources if you'd like to assign publisher-supplied content from Writer's Help 2.0. For more information on using the Resources panel, see the help article How do I use the Resources panel?.