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What are the different versions of Blackboard?

Versions 9.1, 9, 8, 7.1, 6.3, and 6.0 are currently in use. We need to know which version you’re using to provide the right coursepack.


How do I make quizzes available to my students in Blackboard?

You can unhide any quiz by going to “Control Panel,” then “Course Documents,” navigating to the quiz, clicking it, and then choosing “Modify Test Options.” Test availability is under section 2. If the tests are not deployed, click on “Add Test,” and select the test you want added. You will then have to “Modify Test Options” to make it available to students.


How do I make tests using the test bank?

The test bank questions have been pre-loaded into the Pool Manager, where they are hidden from your students but available to you for building tests and quizzes. To access these questions, navigate to the "Control Panel" (link on the left hand navigation bar). Under the heading "Assessment," click the "Pool Manager" link to view and manage the pool. To use these questions in your quizzes and exams, click on the Add Test icon in either the Course Documents or Assignments content areas. Click Create New, give the test a title, description, and instructions, and click submit. Add specific questions by selecting "From a Pool or Assessment." Create a randomized test pulling a subset of questions from a pool by choosing "Random Block."

For further assistance, refer to your Blackboard documentation, campus Blackboard resources, or Blackboard's instructor support.


How do I know what coursepack I need to download?

Find out what coursepack you need to download by referring to this chart.



How do I download a coursepack?

Most coursepacks are free and downloadable directly from our site. Instructors must be registered with us to download coursepacks. Follow the steps in the help article Basic Coursepack FAQs to learn how to download your coursepack.


How do I install a coursepack?

Your campus Blackboard/IT administrators can usually help you with this process.

Warning: These directions assume that you have not yet created your course. If that is not the case, if you have anything in the Course Documents folder, be sure that they are not named “Student Resources” or “Instructor Resources”; otherwise, they may be overwritten. Also be sure to back up your course first. To back up your course, first, go to the Control Panel and click “Export Course.” Select the applicable options and click "Export."

For Blackboard 6 and 6.3

  1. Create your course. If you do not have rights to create your course, ask your administrator to do this for you.
  2. Under "Course Utilities,” select "Import Package." Browse to the .zip file you downloaded above.
  3. Select "Content," "Announcements," and "Tests, Surveys, and Pools.”
  4. Click "Submit."

Importing a course takes up to 4 hours. All the materials will be in the “Course Documents” folder.

For Blackboard 7.1

  1. Create your course. If you do not have rights to create your course, ask your administrator to do this for you.
  2. Log into your course as an instructor and go into the "Control Panel.”
  3. Under "Course Utilities", select "Import Cartridge."
  4. Enter the Course Cartridge Instructor Download Key found in the file you downloaded.
  5. Click "Submit."

Importing a course takes up to 6 hours. Most systems will send you an e-mail when the course is installed.


What happens if there is an error during installation of the coursepack?

Most errors are caused by the wrong version of the coursepack being installed on the local Blackboard instance. This can be quickly corrected by letting us know which version of Blackboard you are using. Another common cause of errors is a corrupt file. You should try downloading the file again. If there are still errors, then your Blackboard administrator may have to contact Blackboard for service. If you have been given the wrong coursepack, please contact tech support to acquire the correct one. We can also provide you a download key as an alternative form of installation.


How do I get help if I run into problems?

First contact your campus IT / Academic Computing / Help Desk / Distance Learning Department. If they cannot help you, refer to the contacts below.