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It is possible to edit or unassign an entire assignment unit. For more information on editing an assignment within a unit, please see the help article How do I edit an assignment within a unit?.

Important Note: Making changes at the assignment unit level might also change the settings of the individual assignments grouped within the unit. For example, editing the due date of the assignment unit will also change the due dates of all individual assignments grouped within that unit to the date you set for the unit as a whole.

Assignments tab

From your Writer's Help 2.0 home page, click Assignments.


You will find a list of your assignment units.


Hover your mouse over the assignment unit you want to edit. You will see the Options tab on the right. Click Options, then Edit Assignment from the drop-down menu.


From the Manage Assignment screen, you can edit the following:

  1. Change the Assignment Due Date of the unit, which will also change the due date of every assignment grouped within the unit.
  2. Leave the assignment unit Visible to students or uncheck the box to hide the unit from students.
  3. Edit the Title, Directions, and/or image.
  4. Unassign the assignment unit.

When you're done making the edits, click Assign in the lower-left corner of the Manage Assignment screen.


Assigning a new due date will override all the individual due dates in that unit. Click OK to proceed.


From your Assignments page you will see the changes made to your assignment unit.