Video Assignment: Test Anxiety

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Video title: Test Anxiety

Topic(s): Test anxiety

Search terms: video test anxiety Penn State

Time (of video): 5:16

Posted by: Penn State World Campus

Date posted: May 14, 2013


Video description: How two students experience and deal with test anxiety.


Question/writing prompt: What are the different types of effects of test anxiety?


In-class activities:


1. Alleviating Test Anxiety Objective: Students learn beneficial ways to alleviate test anxiety.


Show the video from 2:41 to 4:00.

  1. Ask students to describe the techniques used in the video for alleviating test anxiety.
  2. Ask students to share techniques that work for them. What techniques can they find in their textbook?
  3. The techniques used in the video are "healthy" techniques. Discuss unhealthy ways that college students try to alleviate test anxiety.


2. Benefits of Test Anxiety Objective: Students explore positive effects of test anxiety.


Show the video from 4:00 to 4:15. Ask students the following questions:

  1. Why is some anxiety normal and even beneficial?
  2. How can experiencing test anxiety work in your favor? 


3. College Resources Objective: Students learn about campus resources.


Explore what resources are available at your college or university to help students deal with test anxiety. Students can search on their mobile devices or you can invite a staff member from the academic support center to come in to speak to the class.