D2L/Brightspace (Desire2Learn) FAQs

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How much does the D2L/Brightspace course content cost?

It is currently free to you and your students.

How do I know what coursepack I need to download?

Find out what coursepack you need to download by referring to this chart.

How do I download a coursepack?

Most coursepacks are free and downloadable directly from our site. Instructors must be registered with us to download coursepacks. Follow the steps in the help article Basic Coursepack FAQs to download your coursepack.

How do I install a coursepack?

Your campus D2L/Brightspace IT administrators can usually help you with this process.

Note: Do not worry if the .zip file we provide has “blackboard” in the file name—D2L can import these files.

To import this zipped package:

  1. Create or Enter the D2L/Brightspace course where this material is to be imported
  2. Go to Edit Course
  3. Go to Import/Export/Copy Course Components
  4. Select Import Components
  5. Click on Choose File and browse to the zipped package on your desktop
  6. Click on Next
  7. Wait for the Preprocessing step to complete
  8. Click on Next
  9. Select the components to import
  10. Confirm Import Selections: click on Next
  11. Importing Course Material
  12. Confirmation
  13. Click on Return or select a tool from the navigation bar to view the imported material

Alternate Options

If you are experiencing timeouts when importing through the browser, there are two additional options available.

Option 1 (recommended):

  1. Using Bulk Course Create (BCC) to run the import overnight
  2. Login as a role that has permission to View Organization Files
  3. Under My Admin Tools, click on Organization Files
  4. Browse to the folder named BCC
  5. Browse to the Course Packages directory
  6. Upload the zipped course package here
  7. Using Notepad or Excel, create a new Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file in the following format: course code, course name, semester code, template code, template name, department code, course path. Example: Course001, My Import Course, Fall09, Template001, MyTemplate, Dept001, content\BCC\Course Packages\D2LExport_TestPackage.zip
  8. Save the file as [package name].csv
  9. Upload the .csv file to the Inbox folder

The Import will run from the .csv file overnight and will populate into the indicated course. The .csv file is then moved to the Outbox.

Note: Several imports can be run using one .csv file. Add a new line for additional items. Do not use commas within the course or template name. If there is no applicable department or semester code, add a space and a comma (, ,). If the specified course shell does not exist already, a new course will be created based on the information given in the .csv file.

Option 2 (advanced users)

If the course files are very large (in MB), it is possible to *import* the .xml files and *upload* the course documents (html, .doc, .jpg, etc) separately.

  1. Open the zipped course package
  2. Find all .xml files (e.g. imsmanifest.xml, quiz_d2l_01.xml, news_d2l.xml, dropbox_d2l.xml, etc)
  3. Extract (unzip) and Move the xml files to a new folder
  4. Zip (compress) this new folder
  5. Go to Edit Course > Import/Export/Copy Course Components
  6. Import the zipped package containing only the xml files. Note: This will create Modules and Topics, Quizzes, Discussions and other course components. This does not include the course files. If there is a timeout during the Preprocessing stage, the xml files are too complex to read within the allowable browser time. Use the BCC method described in Option 1.
  7. After successful completion of the import, go to Manage Files
  8. Optional - delete any xml files found in the Course Files area; these are no longer required
  9. Click on the Upload button
  10. Click on Choose File
  11. Browse to the original zipped package containing the course files (with or without the xml files)
  12. Click on Upload
  13. Wait for the upload to complete (this may take a while for very large files)
  14. When the zipped package appears in Manage Files, click on the Unzip icon
  15. The course files will unzip into the course directory

*Upload the course files to the root (top) of the course directory. Do not upload into a subfolder.

Is the test bank included?

In most of our coursepacks, yes. For older coursepacks, this is not always the case.

How do I get help if I run into difficulties?

First contact your campus IT / Academic Computing / Help Desk / Distance Learning Department. If they cannot help you, refer to the contacts below.

  • For questions or problems with your D2L/Brightspace installation, please visit D2L's Contact page.
  • For questions or problems with Macmillan content, please contact tech support.