Basic Coursepack FAQs

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What is a coursepack?

Coursepacks are available for most of our Macmillan titles and contain our most popular free resources and book-specific content. We offer coursepacks for most course management systems. These coursepacks are usually delivered as .zip files or Instructor Download Keys. They can be downloaded and installed directly into your course, letting you plug in our content.

How do I know what coursepack I need to download?

First, find out what CMS format your school uses -- you can usually find out through your IT / Academic Computing / Help Desk or Distance Learning department’s web site. Then, refer to this chart to find out what coursepack you need to download.

How can I get a coursepack?

Most coursepacks are free and downloadable directly from our catalog. Instructors must be registered with us to download coursepacks. Follow the instructions below to download your coursepack:

WARNING FOR MAC USERS: Do not use Safari to download the Coursepack. Downloading will be easier from either Chrome or Firefox.

1. Find out which coursepack you need

Refer to this chart to find your coursepack.

2. Go to our catalog.

Macmillan Catalog

3. Locate your course

Click the magnifying glass at the top right of the catalog page to search for your text. You can most easily search by title or author.

If you can't find the correct edition of your book, contact tech support.

4. Select the Course Management check box under Filter Options

Here you should choose the CMS that your school employs.


5. Select the appropriate Coursepack


6. Click the Download button


7. Select a file to download

Refer to the chart or visit the Help Center for more information.


8. Returning instructors enter your login information

Use the same e-mail address and password you use to log into other Macmillan sites. If you don't have an instructor account, enter your e-mail address, select "No, I don't have an account. Sign me up." and click Next. You will be prompted to create an account with us. It will take 3-5 days to verify your instructor status, after which time you may download your coursepack.


Click download now


9. Save the file

You will either download a Microsoft Word document or a .zip file. When downloading a .zip file, please select "Save,” not "Open.” Do not attempt to unzip the file.


How much will a coursepack cost my institution or my students?

With the exception of a custom-made or premium content coursepack, it is currently free to you and your students.


Will I need access codes or PIN codes for the coursepack?

Not generally. Older, premium, or custom coursepacks may require them. If you have an older version of a coursepack which does prompt students to enter an access code, contact tech support for assistance.


Is the test bank included in the coursepack?

In most of our coursepacks, yes. For older coursepacks, this is not always the case.


What if I do not see content for the title I am interested in?

Contact your sales representative. We may be able to provide discipline-wide resources, offer content from another version of your book, or offer a customized solution to fit your needs.

What if I do not have a CMS on my campus but would still like to use online course resources?

Contact your sales representative. He or she can consult with you about which other online products we offer that may fit your needs, and under certain circumstances, we may be able to provision CMS hosting (generally for a fee).

Every coursepack contains the same student and instructor resources that are available in the student site for the corresponding title.


Can Macmillan provide IMS or SCORM content?

Yes. We can create a SCORM package for any coursepack we offer. QTI test banks can be created using the Diploma program distributed with all of our CD test banks by going to “File > Export > Other > IMS/QTI.”


How do I get help if I run into difficulties?

First contact your campus IT / Academic Computing / Help Desk / Distance Learning Department. If they cannot help you, refer to the contacts below.