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For several of our titles across the disciplines, we are updating and improving the way quizzes are created. There will be five tabs -- Basic Info, Search Questions, Review & Modify, Settings, and Assign Due Date -- when you go to create a new quiz. The Search Questions tab will have new filters, so you can search by chapter, question type, level of difficulty, and Bloom's level. The Review & Modify tab is designed to make editing your quiz easier, and the order of the tabs was re-done to be more intuitive.

Check the following list to find out if your course is receiving the update. If it is, look at the instructions below to learn how to create a quiz in LaunchPad.

Discipline -- Author, Title, Edition

  • Biology -- Morris, How Life Works, 2e
  • Biology -- Molles, Environment: Science, Issues, Solutions, 1e
  • Biology -- Lodish, Molecular Cell Biology, 8e
  • Biology -- Friedland, Environmental Science for AP, 2e
  • Biology -- Stacy, Living by Chemistry, 2e
  • Communication -- Campbell, Media & Culture, 10e update
  • Developmental -- LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers
  • Economics -- Goolsbee/Levitt/Syverson, Microeconomics, 2e
  • Economics -- Krugman, Economics for AP, 2e
  • Economics -- Chiang, Macroeconomics, 4e; Economics, 4e; Microeconomics, 4e
  • Economics -- Krugman, Essentials, 4e
  • English -- Writer's Help 2.0, Hacker Version
  • English -- Writer's Help 2.0, Lunsford Version
  • History -- Strayer/Nelson, Ways of the World: A Brief History, With Sources, 3e, Combined AP
  • Math -- COMAP, For All Practical Purposes, 9e
  • Math -- Sowder, Reconceptualizing Mathematics, 2e
  • Math -- COMAP, For All Practical Purposes, 10e
  • Math -- Holt, Linear Algebra with Applications
  • Math -- Taalman/Kohn, Calculus
  • Math -- Sullivan, Calculus, 1e
  • Math -- Crauder, Quantitative Literacy, 2e
  • Math -- Rogawski, Calculus ET, 3e
  • Math -- Rogawski, Calculus, 3e
  • Psychology -- Myers, Exploring Psychology, 10e
  • Psychology -- Lewandowski, Research Methods: The Scientist Within, 1e
  • Psychology -- Myers, Exploring Psychology in Modules, 10e
  • Psychology -- SciAm Brief
  • Psychology -- Kolb, Intro Brain & Behavior, 5e
  • Psychology -- Berger, Invitation to the Lifespan, 3e
  • Psychology -- Hockenbury, Discovering Psychology, 7e
  • Psychology -- Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, 8e
  • Psychology -- Licht, Scientific American: Presenting Psychology
  • Psychology -- Nolan, Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 3e
  • Psychology -- Corty, Using and Interpreting Statistics, 3e
  • Psychology -- Myers' Psychology for AP, 2e, HS
  • Readers -- Lunsford, Everything is an Argument, 7e (regular, HS and with Readings)
  • Rhetorics -- Axelrod/Cooper, St. Martin's Guide, 11e
  • Statistics -- Starnes, The Practice of Statistics AP, 5e, HS
  • Statistics -- Larose, Discovering Statistics, 3e
  • Statistics -- Moore, Statistics: Concepts and Controversies
  • Statistics -- Moore, The Practice of Statistics for Business and Economics, 4e
  • Statistics -- Probabiltiy course for Georgia Stat
  • Statistics -- Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 9e
  • Statistics -- SCC, 9e
  • Statistics -- Moore, Statistics in Practice, 1e
  • Statistics -- Moore, The Basic Practice of Statistics, 6e
  • Statistics -- Baldi and Moore, The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences, 3e
  • Statistics -- Moore and Notz, Statistics: Concepts and Controversies, 8e
  • Statistics -- Moore, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 8e
  • Statistics -- Moore, McCabe, Craig, Exploring the Practice of Statistics
  • Statistics -- Moore, The Practice of Statistics for Business and Economics, 3e
  • Statistics -- Kokoska, Introductory Statistics, 2e
  • Statistics -- Moore, The Basic Practice of Statistics, 7e
  • Statistics -- Larose, Discovering Statistics, 2e Media Update


Click "+Add New" to begin creating a new quiz


Select "Quiz"


Enter "Basic Info"

  1. Title
  2. Subtitle (if necessary)
  3. Instructions for your students (if necessary)

Click Save when finished.


Click the "Search Questions" tab

Click Search Questions link next to Basic Info


Click in the empty box to choose a filter from the drop-down menu


You can add more filters in the same category if you wish.


Click "Apply Filters" button when you've made all your filtering selections

Important Note: If you add too many filters you will limit the number of results.

Simply click the X on any filter and click Apply Filters again to remove that filter.


View your results in the right pane


Select the question you wish to add to your quiz and click "Add Question"

You can continue adding questions one at a time in this way, or you can select multiple questions with the checkboxes at the left of each question and click Add Checked.

When you're done adding questions, go to the next step.


Click "Review & Modify"

From here you can:

  1. Edit the question
  2. Move the question to a different part of the quiz
  3. Remove the question from the quiz

You can also add a question to a question pool. Click Question Pools, then Create a New Pool to create a question pool. Once you have a pool created, you can add questions by clicking the checkbox next to each question you want to add, then clicking the name of the pool from the Question Pools dropdown.


Click "Settings"


From here you can edit the number of attempts, set a time limit, control question delivery, allow or disallow students to save and continue their work, and choose to scramble the order of questions and/or answer choices. If you make changes, click Save when you're done.

Note: If you set a time limit and check the box for Allow save and continue, the quiz timer will pause when students save their work. When they return, the timer will resume. If your goal is for students to take a quiz in one sitting for a set amount of time, enter the time limit and do not check the box for Allow save and continue.


Select your desired option to display quiz answers and feedback

  1. Show questions and student answers after: Displays the question text and the student’s answers, but not the correct answers after the designated time or never, depending on which option is chosen.
  2. Show whether answers were right or wrong after: For student answers, displays a check for right answers and an x for wrong answers but does not display the correct answer after the designated time or never, depending on which option is chosen.
  3. Show question score after: Displays how many points the question was worth and how many points the student earned, but does not display the correct answer after the designated time or never, depending on which option is chosen.
  4. Show correct answers after: Displays the correct answer for the question after the designated time or never, depending on which option is chosen.
  5. Show feedback and grader remarks after: If applicable, displays feedback for answer choices and any remarks a grader has made after the designated time or never, depending on which option is chosen.
  6. Show solutions after: If applicable, displays problem solutions after the designated time or never, depending on which option is chosen.


Click "Assign Due Date"


Change the due date and time, grace period settings, and gradebook settings. Click Assign when you're ready to assign your quiz.

Note: If you check Hide grade from student until due date has passed, your students will not have access to their grades until the due date passes. This can sometimes confuse students who expect to see their grades immediately after submitting their answers. We recommend that if you choose this setting you alert your students so they know what to expect.


Click "Done Editing"