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Instructors may want to compare the students enrolled in course to their roster of students provided by their institution's online course management system. The system can verify students by comparing the Unique IDs in the course to the Unique IDs uploaded by the instructor from an external CSV file. To do this, you must be a course master or an instructor with roster-editing privileges.

Select "Manage Roster" from the "Instructor Links" drop-down menu


Hover over the header of the "In Roster" column


Click on the "Verify (upload) UniqueIDs" link that appears


Browse to the CSV file and select your roster


The following image is a simple example roster file that has five rows and four columns (the first row is the column headers). Note that the rows are separated by line and the columns are separated by commas (comma delimited).

CSV file viewed in Notepad. Column headers are LastName, FirstName, UniqueID, and Email.

Select the column in your CSV file that represents the Unique IDs

In the example show above, notice that the third column contains the Unique IDs.


Press the "Preview Data" button

If the data looks wrong, reload the file again and repeat the process mentioned above.


Press "Upload Data"



Once uploaded, you will be redirected back to the Manage Roster view. The In Roster column of the Student Enrollments table will now indicate whether the Unique IDs of students that are included in the grade book are included in your roster file.

In the example, there are only two students included in the grade book. One student, Jane Smith, was in the roster as indicated by the green checkmark. The student John Smith, however, was not in the roster as indicated by the red X.


Students that have been verified in the uploaded roster (have the green checkmarks) will find on their course accounts page that they can no longer modify their Unique ID (read: How can I update my Unique ID?) for the course.

Students that have not been verified in the uploaded roster (have the red Xs) will continue to be able to edit their Unique ID for the course on their course accounts page. Once they change it to a Unique ID as found in the uploaded roster, the Unique ID will become un-editable (plain text).

A course master or instructor with edit-roster privileges can then choose to modify the Unique IDs (read: How can I update my Unique ID?) of any verified or non-verified students.