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The last section to the i>clicker Data Manager view is the Loaded Lecture Files section, which is where you assign uploaded lectures to the appropriate course units.


The table in the Loaded Lecture Files section lists all loaded lectures along with the course unit they have been assigned to (if any), the number of students in each loaded lecture, and the options to load or unload a lecture to or from a unit.


When lecture files are first uploaded into your course, the system tries to match each lecture to the appropriate unit. If a match is found, which may or may not be correct, then the Assigned Unit cell will appear as a link of the matched unit's title and the Load file button will be active.


If a match cannot be made after the upload process, then the Assigned Unit cell will be the link Choose unit and the Load file button will be inactive.


If the proposed unit is incorrect or if a unit match could not be made, then you can manually select the appropriate unit by clicking on the link. A dropdown should appear listing all the course units. Select the unit to which the lecture should be assigned.


Selecting files to load

To do a batch lecture load, simply check the checkboxes of all lecture files to load. You can select/deselect all lectures by clicking the checkbox in the table header.


Loading files

Lecture files can be loaded individually by pressing the Load file buttons, or they can be loaded in a batch by pressing the Update i>clicker Registration & Load All Marked Files button.


If more than five lectures are selected for a batch load, then you should receive a modal warning message informing you that it may take several minutes to load all the lectures, especially for large classes.


Once loaded, a View link to view the loaded lectures will appear in the corresponding lecture rows along with the number of registered students that participated in the lectures shown in parentheses. In addition, the student and course grade books will be updated accordingly.


Unloading files

Lecture files can be unloaded individually by pressing the Unload link.

Lecture files that have been unloaded can then be reloaded following the same steps mentioned above.

Note that unloading a lecture file will also remove any corresponding grades in the student and course grade books. These grades can be recovered by simply reloading the lecture to a unit.