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On many of the course pages (e.g., course homepage, calendar, assignment pages, etc.) are score bars that give you a quick snapshot of the points earned on an assignment or assignment item. The total length of the score bar represents 100% of the points for the assignment or item. A score bar can consist of up to five colors, the length of each representing a percentage of points related to the assignment or assignment item.


Points earned (bright green)

The bright green colored portion represents the percentage of points earned (either by a student or the class).

Possible points earned (dark green)

Found to the right of the "points earned" region, the dark green portion represents the percentage of possible points earned. These would be points from questions that have delayed feedback and in which the feedback deadline has not yet passed. Delayed feedback questions are those with the watch/clock icon to the left of the question number. A student may not earn all of the points represented in this region (depending upon the correctness of their answers), but it does help to visually demonstrate the completeness of an item or assignment. Once the feedback deadline passes, this dark green color will no longer be visible.

Note that not all delayed feedback questions, when answered before the feedback deadline, will produce a dark green color in the score bar. For delayed feedback questions that are graded on merely participation (like what is typically found in Bridge Question assignments), any answer to these questions will produce a bright green color in the score bar (meaning the student received full credit regardless of the correctness of their answer).

Points still to be earned (white or clear)

The clear or white portion of the score bar represents the percentage of points that a student or class can still earn on an item or assignment.

Lost points (red)

The percentage of points that can no longer be earned is represented by the color red found on the right-most end of the score bar. This occurs when questions are not answered correctly or not answered and the deadline passes.


Points for questions not answered correctly (gray)

The gray color shown in the figure below is currently found exclusively in the i>clicker Lecture score bars. The Lecture assignments are graded purely by participation, but a performance score bar is provided to indicate how a student or the class did on answering the questions. This gray region represents the percentage of points for questions not answered correctly. If your course does not use the i>clicker polling system, then you will not see this color in the score bars in your course.

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