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Instructors can have different types of enrollment privileges that are reflected in the Role column on your account page.

When you create a course, two accounts are automatically created for you and appear on your account page: one Course Master account and one Student account.


What is a "Course Master"?

A Course Master enrollment is an enrollment that has full access and editing rights to the course. This includes the following abilities:

  • Editing content
  • Editing assignment deadlines
  • Editing the roster
  • Editing assignment scores
  • Uploading files
  • Viewing students' work on assignments
  • Viewing instructor supplements (if provided)
  • Adding instructors
  • Adding students

In addition, only course masters can view and set the access and editing privileges of instructors.

By default, the creator of a course is a course master.


What is an "Instructor"?

An Instructor enrollment can have its access and editing privileges set by a course master. The most limited capacity an instructor enrollment can have is the following:

  • Has the ability to view an assignment and its answers prior to the start date of the assignment
  • Can view the entire class gradebook
  • Can view but not edit the Global Course Settings page
  • Can view but not edit the Manage Roster view

The maximum capacity of an instructor enrollment is almost that of a course master. The only exception is that an instructor can never view or change the access levels of other instructors.