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If you have course creation privileges, you can begin the course creation process described below.

Click "Create a Course" on your course account page

If you don't see the Create a Course link, then your FlipIt account does not have course creation privileges. You can request those privileges by contacting tech support.


Select a FlipIt course to copy


There are three groups of courses to choose from:

Template Courses

These courses have been constructed by the publisher and include all the recommended content for each course. The Blank Template course, however, excludes any content and provides a blank canvas for you to work with.


Your Courses

These are courses that you are or have been enrolled in as an instructor.


Other FlipIt Courses

These courses include all other courses ever made by other instructors. To copy one of these courses you will need the course access key for the course you wish to copy. The course will also need to allow other instructors to copy it. (See Allow instructors to copy course step in How can I access and edit Global Course Settings?).


Click "Get Course"


Choose whether or not to copy course deadlines and special events

After you press the Get Course button, you will be asked if you want to also copy the course deadlines and special events.

  • Copying the deadlines will automatically fill the dates of your new course's calendar according to the settings of the course being copied.
  • Copying the special events will copy any special events from the course being copied. The special events will be placed on the new course's calendar on the same day of the week relative to the course start date as they appeared in the course being copied. (You will be able to manually move the special events as desired after the course is created.)



Click "Create Course"

Copying a course will preserve all content, course settings, and holidays from the original course. The creation process may take several seconds.


Afterward, you will be redirected to the new course's Global Course Settings, the first step in the Course Setup Wizard. For help with each of the steps in the Course Setup Wizard, please view the following help articles.

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