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In this article, we'll learn how to add offline assignments and import scores to the gradebook. Such assignments might include in-class quizzes/exams, class participation points, assignments on external sites, or clicker scores. Any assignment you create outside of LaunchPad can be added as an offline assignment. The assignment can be manually graded or have scores imported from a .csv file.

From the home page, click "+ Add New"

If you've created assignments, + Add New will be located to the right of the Unassigned section, which is directly below the Assigned section.


If you haven't yet created assignments, + Add New will be toward the top of your home page, directly beneath the notification about assignments due in the next 7 days.


Click "Offline Assignment"

Basic Info

Title your assignment in the Title field and enter a description of the assignment in the Directions field so that students who click on the item know what this grade will be for. If the assignment is located on an external site, you can add a link or URL in the Directions. When you're done, click Save.


Enter the due date and point value

Go to the Assignment tab at the top of the editor. For the due date, select the date on which the assignment was or will be given. Under Points, enter a point value.

If you are using categories, please be sure to also go to Gradebook Category, click the drop-down menu, and select the proper category or make a new one using the Create new category option.


Click "Assign"

After selecting all of your settings, click Assign at the bottom of the page.


Return to your LaunchPad home page

To return to your home page, click Done Editing at the top of the page and then Home. The assignment should now appear on your home page. Again, because the assignment will be completed in class, you may want to make it clear to students that they aren't responsible for completing anything within LaunchPad on this particular assignment.


Import grades

When you’re ready to enter grades for this assignment, you can do so in two ways: by manually entering the grades or by importing the grades from a .csv file. Whichever way you choose, you should start from your home page and click Gradebook.


Method 1: Enter grades manually

In your gradebook, you should now have a column for the assignment. If you want to enter the grades manually, you can click on the cell in this column for each student and enter in the correct point value. The cursor will automatically move from student to student down the list in the gradebook.


Method 2: Import grades from a .csv file

If you have grades recorded outside of LaunchPad (for example, in a .csv file), you can import them into the LaunchPad gradebook. Be sure your spreadsheet contains the following student data columns and that the data matches what's in LaunchPad:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Either e-mail (which must be the e-mail address the student registered for LaunchPad with) or External ID (otherwise known as the LMS ID, which you can use only if you've enabled campus (LMS) IDs in LaunchPad)
  • The assignment title and scores students received

Important note: If the data doesn't match, you won't be able to import the scores. For example, if student names are spelled differently on your spreadsheet than they are in your LaunchPad gradebook, the import won't be successful. Similarly, if you have a school e-mail address recorded for a student, but the student used a personal email address to register for LaunchPad, the import won't be successful.

The best way to ensure a successful import is to export your LaunchPad gradebook as a .csv file first, add your scores to this file, then import the file back into your LaunchPad gradebook. In this way, you can be sure that the data will match, for the source of the data was LaunchPad.


Export your LaunchPad gradebook

In the upper-left corner of the LaunchPad gradebook, click Export Scores.


Select Student Information, Item Information, and Item Data

Since the purpose of this export is to quickly import scores you're currently keeping outside your LaunchPad gradebook, it's best to keep things simple.

  1. To identify your students, under Student Information, select First Name, Last Name, and Email. Instead of Email, External ID is also a good option if you've enabled the LMS ID feature in your course.
  2. To identify one or more offline assignments for which you wish to import grades, under Item Information, select Title.
  3. Finally, to dictate whether assignment scores should display as number of points or as a percentage, tick Points or Percent, respectively.


Select the LaunchPad gradebook columns to which you will be adding scores

Use the Item Selection section to focus on only the assignments to which you wish to add scores. By default, you'll see a + sign, an icon of a folder, and All, which means data from all assignments in your gradebook will be exported into a .csv file. Click the + to display your gradebook categories, if you're using them. Similarly, click the + sign next to a category to see the assignments within it.

To quickly select only the assignments to which you'd like to add scores:

  1. Untick the check box next to All.
  2. Click the + next to the category or categories that contain the assignments to which you wish to add scores.
  3. Tick the check boxes next to the assignments to which you wish to add scores.


Export your LaunchPad gradebook

Change the file name, if desired. Leave the File type drop-down menu on comma-separated file (*.csv) and click Export.


Copy and paste scores into the .csv file

You'll now have an exported gradebook that includes the student data and assignment columns you selected. Simply copy the grades from each of your offline assignments and paste them into the appropriate grade column.


Save your changes in your .csv file

When you save the changes you made to the gradebook, you may get a message that looks similar to the screen shot below, asking if it is OK to save in CSV format. If this message appears, press Yes.


Return to your LaunchPad gradebook and click "Import Scores"

To import the new grades into LaunchPad, return to your gradebook and click Import Scores at the top of the page.


Choose the file for import

Click Choose File and select the gradebook CSV file you exported and edited. If your file included a header, such as one or more assignment titles, make sure the box next to Header Row is checked. When you are ready, click Continue.


Click "Import"

On the screen that appears, make sure that the identifying information in the drop-down menus match the headers of your spreadsheet. For the assignment title columns, you'll also need to select Points or Percent from the drop-down, depending on how your scores should display. When you are ready, click Import.


Close verification screen

A page should appear verifying that the information was successfully imported. When you close out of this window, your grades appear in your gradebook.


View imported grades in your gradebook