LaunchPad > Is there a way to communicate quickly with students who haven't completed an assignment?

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Yes! Follow the instructions below to send an e-mail from the gradebook to all the students who are missing a particular assignment.

Go to gradebook

Click on the Gradebook icon in the left-hand sidebar of your LaunchPad home page.


If you haven't already, add the "Missing" footer

To see students who've missed assignments, you'll first need to make the Missing footer visible at the bottom of the gradebook. To add the Missing footer, click the Display Options drop-down menu at the top left of the gradebook and select Visible Footers..., then check the box next to Missing and click OK.



Filter the gradebook to show assigned items

At the top of your gradebook's assignment columns, you will see tabs to sort your assignments. If you are using gradebook categories, you can select a category to show only assignments in that category. If you are not using gradebook categories, select the Assigned Items tab to see all assignments


Click on the number in the "Missing" footer

The number in the Missing footer for a particular assignment column shows how many students are missing that particular assignment. Click on the number to bring up a list of students who have not yet completed the assignment.


Click the envelope icon

This dialog box shows you the students missing the assignment. Click the envelope icon next to a student's name to send them an e-mail, or click Send Mail to All at the bottom to address an e-mail to all of the students on the list. You can add or remove students from the address field before you send your e-mail.


Compose and send your e-mail

If you selected Send Message to All but only want to send your message to some of the students, you can delete the unwanted students from the To: field by clicking the small x to the right of their name.

If you want to add additional students to your e-mail, click the empty portion of the To: field and select another student from the drop-down list that appears.

After composing your e-mail, click Send to send it.