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To locate your gradebook, please click on the Gradebook icon.

The main gradebook page

The numbered circles in the image correspond to the numbered descriptions below. Please scroll down to see the image. You can also open the image in a new window and toggle between it and the descriptions.


  1. Home - Takes you back to the main LaunchPad screen.
  2. Display Options - Allows you to customize what information is displayed in your gradebook. Jump to Display Options.
  3. Import Scores - Allows you to upload Offline Assignment scores into your LaunchPad gradebook.
  4. Export Scores - Allows you to export your LaunchPad scores for entry into other LMS systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas, or D2L.
  5. Gradebook categories - Across the top of your gradebook you'll see different categories, such as All AssignmentsUncategorized, or Chapter 22. Whenever you assign something, you'll be asked to categorize it so that you can group similar assignments together. Common categorizations include by chapter, by assignment type (for instance, Quizzes, Exams, Group Projects, Extra Credit), by week, or by unit.

    Your gradebook categories are completely customizable. If you do not categorize your assignments, they will appear in the Uncategorized category.

  6. Name - Every student who enrolls in your LaunchPad course is listed here. Jump to Student Record.
  7. Score - Provides the overall student score.
  8. Minutes - Reports the total number of minutes students have spent on their assignments.
  9. Assignment Title - Every assignment has its own column. Jump to Viewing an Assignment in the Gradebook.
  10. Assignment Score - For each assignment, this gradebook can display the percentage score, the numeric score, and/or the minutes spent on the assignment. Jump to Viewing a Student's Work on a Specific Assignment.
  11. Missing - Tallies how many students have not completed the assignment.
  12. Points - Indicates how many points that assignment was worth.


Display Options

Click the Display Options drop-down menu to select from a variety of available information your gradebook can provide you. We will walk through each option from the top of the list to the bottom, beginning with Visible Columns. Please read through each or scroll down to the option you're most interested in.

  • Visible Columns - Allows you to customize which columns appear. Options include score, total minutes spent, last log-in timestamp, and ID.
  • Visible Footers - Allows you to customize which footers appear. Options include number of students who still have not completed the assignment and total points the assignment is worth.
  • Score Display Options - Allows you to customize what information appears in the assignment column. Options include seeing the student's numerical score, a percentage, or a letter grade. You can also display minutes spent on each assignment.
  • Show Category Totals - Allows you to show or hide a column that shows cumulative scores for each student across a category.
  • Show Inactive Enrollments - Allows you to show or hide students who are inactive in the course.


Student records

From the main gradebook page, when you click on a student's name, you see a record of their work in your LaunchPad course. The numbered circles in the image correspond to the numbered descriptions below. Please scroll down to view the image. You can also open the image in a new window and toggle between it and the descriptions.

  1. Activity - Every assigned item appears in the student record. Their score, when they submitted the assignment, and the assignment due date are also listed. By clicking on any assignment, you can open and view the complete student submission.
  2. Return to gradebook icon - Clicking this icon will bring you back to the gradebook.
  3. Bar graph icon - Clicking the bar graph icon will show you the class statistics and where that student falls in relation to the rest of the class.
  4. The paper icon - Clicking the paper icon shows you a usage report that tells you how much time the student has spent in LaunchPad.


Viewing assignments in the gradebook: Basic information

When you hover over an assignment name, basic information about the assignment settings appears.


Viewing assignments in the gradebook: Class performance report

When you click on an assignment title, you see statistics on how students performed. If the assignment is a quiz, you will also see information on how students performed on each question, as well as estimates on the difficulty and fairness of each. The class performance report has several sections, so when you're viewing it in LaunchPad, you’ll need to scroll down to see the whole thing.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll group the sections as follows:


Frequency of Scores, Curve Scores, and Zero Score for Unsubmitted

  1. The Frequency of Scores chart gives a snapshot of the following assignment statistics:
    • the median; i.e., the score that is in the middle, for one half of the other scores are above and one half are below.
    • the mean; i.e., the average score.
    • the distribution of all scores across quarters, or quartiles.
    • the distribution of scores above and below the mean, which is also called the standard deviation.
  2. Curve Scores allows you to modify the total points to curve the class's scores. For more information on curving, see the help article Curving: Changing Scores and Explaining Grade Redistribution.
  3. Zero Score for Unsubmitted allows you to give all students who failed to submit their answers for an assignment a zero. You can use this feature either before or after the assignment deadline has passed. If you use it before, students' actual scores will replace the zeros when they submit their answers. For more information, see the help article How to Zero Scores for Unsubmitted Assignments


Numbers and Frequency of Grades

  1. The following statistics are listed in the Numbers section:
    • Number of students - Total number of students who completed the assignment
    • Maximum score - The highest possible score a student could have received
    • Passing score - The lowest possible score a student could have received but still passed the assignment
    • Mean (average) - The average score of all students who completed the assignment
    • Standard deviation - A measurement of the distribution of the scores above and below the mean
    • Low score - The lowest score received out of all students
    • Quartile 1 score (Q1) - One quarter of all scores fall below Q1.
    • Median score (Q2) - Q2 is equal to the median, which is the score exactly in the middle of the range. Half the scores are higher than the median, and the other half are lower.
    • Quartile 3 score (Q3) - The top quarter of the scores lie between Q3 and Q4.
    • High score (Q4) - The highest score received out of all students
    • Mode (most frequent score) - The score mostly frequently received by all students
  2. The Frequency of Grades graph shows the distribution of grades on a standard letter grading scale. Hovering your cursor over the bars reveals how many students received each letter grade.



  1. Submission brings up a student's completed assignment.
  2. Detail shows you when a student started and submitted the assignment.
  3. If the assignment due date has not passed, Retry allows a student to retake the assignment for a new grade. 



  1. Clicking on the small + expands the questions so that you can see all of the answer choices and how the class answered.
  2. Clicking on Difficulty will sort the questions by how difficult they were; i.e., by how many students answered them incorrectly.
  3. Clicking on Discrimination will sort the questions based on their discrimination rating.

For more information, please see the help article Explaining Difficulty and Discrimination.

Question Details

You can find out more details about each individual question submission by double-clicking on the red/green bar next to the question. Note: This functionality is not available for advanced questions.

  1. Question Number
  2. Points
  3. Average Score
  4. Average System Score
  5. Discrimination
  6. Overall quiz score for learners who got this question
  7. The question
  8. Individual student submission details


Viewing a student's work on a specific assignment

When you click on the score in an assignment column for a specific student row, you will see that student's results for that assignment.
  1. Score - how many points the student scored on the assignment. You can modify any student score by simply changing this number here.
  2. If you click Excuse, an X will appear in your LaunchPad gradebook, and this assignment will not be included in the student's overall score.
  3. If you click Allow Retry before the assignment due date, you will give the student an extra attempt at the assignment.

You can also view and grade students' short answer and essay submissions here.


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