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In the LaunchPad gradebook, assignments are not automatically changed to a “zero” score after the due date passes. To ensure the proper total points are being shown to students, you will need to set the scores to zero for unsubmitted assignments.

There are two methods for accomplishing this:

Method 1 -- Zero the scores, by default, for ALL unsubmitted assignments;

Method 2 -- Zero the score for one assignment at a time.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE on using this feature in conjunction with our Batch Due Date Updater feature when you're copying a course from the previous semester: be sure not to activate your new course until after you've updated it with your new dates if you're using the Zero Score for Unsubmitted Assignment feature. If you copy a course with this feature enabled and do not update the due dates prior to activating the course, students will receive 0's for every assignment. If that has already happened, please contact tech support.

Method 1 -- Zero the scores, by default, for ALL unsubmitted assignments

  • If you choose this option then your students will automatically receive a zero, after the due date passes, for any assignment for which they did not submit work.
  • This setting is course-wide and cannot be set for individual activities, however, grace period exceptions will be respected.
  • You can click this option in your Gradebook Preferences at any time during the semester and it will take effect.
  • It may take up to 24 hours after the due date has passed for the zero grade to be recorded.
  • You can also, if necessary, give a student additional time to complete an assignment. For more information on how to give due date extensions to a single student, please visit the help article How to change Assignment Settings for a single student.
  • A student will receive a score of zero if they make no submissions to an assigned and gradable activity by the due date.

Step 1

Click on the Instructor Console.


Step 2

Click on the Gradebook Preferences link.


Step 3

Select the Zero Score preference.


Method 2 -- Zero the score for one assignment at a time


Step 1

Once a due date has passed, identify incomplete assignments where you would like to record a score of zero. In the example below, both LearningCurve 9 and LearningCurve 5 are past the due date. Each assignment has students that did not complete the assignment on time and should be receiving zero points.



Step 2

Click on the title of the assignment to open the assignment details window. In this example, the title is "Chapter 9 LearningCurve Activity."



Step 3

The "Zero Score for Unsubmitted" button will be in the lower right-hand corner. Click the button to change the scores for any student who did not complete the assignment on time. The blank cell will be replaced with a zero.



Step 4

You will be asked to confirm your decision to set the scores to zero. Click “Yes.”


Step 5

You will now see the scores appear as zeros in the assignment report.



Step 6

The updated scores will also appear in your gradebook display.




Please note that unless you zero all assignments you have given, the total points for students will not be the same. (See the arrow in the image below.)

For example, the gradebook below, not all of the incomplete assignments have been set to zero. This means that Student A, who completed all the assignments, has a total of 153 possible points, while Student C, who has missed assignments, has a total of 98 possible points. Students will see the total points in their own gradebooks as they are displayed in the instructor gradebook below.

The only way to maintain accurate point totals for students who have incomplete assignments is to use the "Zero Score for Unsubmitted" button to change scores to zero after the due date.

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