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Select "Manage Roster" from the "Instructor Links" drop-down menu

Click "Add Course Master" or "Add Instructor or TA"

You must be a Course Master or Instructor with roster-editing privileges to see the Add Course Master and Add Instructor or TA buttons. If you do not see these buttons, then your current enrollment does not have sufficient privileges to add instructors (or students) to the course.

Only add a user as a Course Master if you want them to have full access and editing rights to the course, including the ability to view and change the access levels of other instructors. For more information on the differences between Instructors and Course Masters, see the help article Are there different types of instructor enrollments?.

Enter the user name

Use the new user's email address for the user name.

Click "Check"

Pressing the Check button will perform a system check to see if the person has an account. There are several possible outcomes from this system check. Two of those outcomes will be mentioned here.

Check button is under the "Enter the user name" field.

The person already has a user account and can be added as an instructor

In this scenario, you will see one of two screens depending on whether you are enrolled as a Course Master or an Instructor. If your own enrollment in the course is as an Instructor, then you will be able to assign the user a Unique ID and decide whether or not to send the user an automatic email informing him or her of their new enrollment.


If your own enrollment in the course is that of a Course Master, then you will also be able to assign the various instructor access levels to the new user's enrollment.

The instructor access levels that you select and save here will automatically be pre-selected whenever you attempt to add another instructor to the course in the future.

The person does not have an account

In this scenario, a new account will be created for the user in which you will need to provide a first and last name along with an institution name for the new user. If you are enrolled as a Course Master, you can also set the new instructor's access levels here.

The image below shows the view if an Instructor adds a new user as an instructor.


Once finished, you will be redirected back to the Manage Roster page where the new instructor will be listed in the Instructor Enrollments table.

For more information on how to view and set instructor access levels please read How can I view and set instructor access levels?.