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It's best to add images to quiz questions that are already written. Whether you've written your own quiz questions, or you're working with publisher-provided questions, you can add images to quiz questions by editing them one at a time.

Click on the image to view the video.

Edit your quiz and view questions

Locate the quiz in your table of contents, hover over it, click More Options, then click Edit. Click on the Questions tab to view your questions. Depending on your LaunchPad, you may see a Review & Modify tab instead.


Edit your question

If your quiz has a Questions tab, hover over the question and click the Edit link.



If your quiz has a Review & Modify tab, click the Edit link on the right of the question.



Open the Advanced Formatting html editor

To the left of the question stem, click the Advanced Formatting icon, which looks like a sheet of paper and a pen. You may have to click into the part of the question you want to edit to see the icon.


Position your cursor on the first empty line after the question stem

The advanced formatting text editor will appear as a pop-up. If the question stem is selected, click your cursor at the end of the stem and press Enter on your keyboard so that your cursor appears on the next line.


Click "Insert/Edit Image" icon

Click "Browse" button

In the Insert/Edit Image pop-up, click the Browse button.


Select a file from the list or click "Upload File"

If you want to add an image you've previously uploaded into your course, select the file from the Course Files list. Otherwise, click Upload File to browse files on your computer. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will browse for a file on our computer, so we will click Upload File.


Click "Choose File"

Click Choose File to browse for the image on your hard drive or flash drive.


Select the image file

Select the image file from wherever you have it saved.


Click "OK"

The file name should appear to the right of the Choose File button. When you've confirmed that it's there, click OK.


Click "Insert"

You should now see a preview of the image in the Preview window of the Insert/Edit Image pop-up. Click Insert.


Click "OK"

You will now see the image beneath your question stem in the Advanced Formatting html editor. From here, you can add another hard return or adjust the size of the image. When you're done making changes, click OK.


Click "Save"