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Some instructors choose to use weighted grade categories to make assignments in one category affect students' grades more heavily than assignments in another category. Here's how weighted categories work compared to unweighted:

If categories are not weighted, grades are calculated by multiplying each assignment's percent grade times the assignment's gradebook points, then summing these points across all assignments. The final grade equals the total points earned divided by the total points possible. In this scheme, categories serve solely to organize assignments in the gradebook.

If categories are weighted, you will enter a weight for each category. To calculate grades, gradebook points for assignments within each category are first summed, and a percent of points earned for the category is calculated. Then each category's percent grade is multiplied by the category's weight to determine each category's points, which are summed. The final grade equals the total category points earned divided by the sum of the category weights.

To weight your categories follow the instructions below.

Go to "Instructor Console"

Click on the Instructor Console button in the left-hand sidebar of your LaunchPad home page.


Click "Gradebook Preferences"


Check the box to "Use Weighted Categories"


Edit the weight

Click the number under the Weight/Points column to change the weight for that category. Be sure to click OK when you're done.


View the changed weights

Note that the weights don't have to add up to 100. You can, however, see what percentage of your students' grades each category will be by looking in the % of Total column.


If you want the weights and percentages to match simply make sure the weights add up to 100.