LaunchPad > Can I apply all of the same settings to a particular type of quiz? (How do I use Batch Item Settings for quizzes?)

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Yes! You can use the Batch Item Settings tool to apply consistent quiz settings within a particular content type that is in use in your course. For example, you could use Batch Item Settings to make all LearningCurve activities worth 20 points upon completion or to set all end-of-chapter quiz questions to be scrambled and delivered one question at a time.

What this feature won't do is allow you to batch assign items of a particular content type. After you batch change item settings, if you haven't already assigned the items you wish students to complete, you'll still need to complete the normal steps for assigning items one-by-one.

  • Note that it is not recommended to use the Batch Item Settings after students have been enrolled in your course and have begun completing assignments.
  • Also, it is best used on a new, clean course as it will override any assignment settings present in a course copy that you may wish to preserve.


From your home page, click "Instructor Console"


Click "Batch Item Settings"


Select the content type for which you'd like to standardize settings

Choose the Content Type you would like to apply settings to from the drop-down menu. In some courses, you will have a choice between publisher-provided and user-created content. A warning will remind you that the tool will overwrite any existing item and assignment settings and advise you against making changes after students have begun work in your course.


Make sure all content is added and assigned

If the content type you select produces a "no content of this type available" message, then you'll need return to your LaunchPad Home page, go to Resources, and add one or more of this content type to your course. For more information on how to add content, please see the help article Adding Content to a LaunchPad Unit.

You will also need to assign each of the items. Unassigned items will appear in grey in the content list and cannot be selected. For more information on how to assign content, please see the help article Assigning Items Within a LaunchPad Unit.

Select items to apply settings to

All of the content you have added to your course of the type you selected will appear in a list. Check the boxes for the assigned items that you wish to apply settings to. Click the Select All button to select all items in the list.

Apply settings

Adjust the settings to your needs.

  • For example, you could standardize gradebook settings of Points, Gradebook Category, Calculation Type, or visibility.
  • In addition, for quizzes, you could standardize the options you find under the Edit > Settings menu, which includes setting attempts, time limits, question and answer choice delivery, and allowing students to save their work before submitting.

Note: If you check Hide grade from student until due date has passed, your students will not have access to their grades until the due date passes. This can sometimes confuse students who expect to see their grades immediately after submitting their answers. We recommend that if you choose this setting you alert your students so they know what to expect.

When you are finished, click Apply Settings to Selected Items.


Click "Update Assignment Settings"

A window will open for you to confirm that you will be changing assignment settings and tells you how many items of the content type you chose will be updated. Again, a warning will remind you that the tool will overwrite any existing item and assignment settings and advise you against making changes after your students have begun work in your course.

Click Update Assignment Settings.