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As the final step in the Course Wizard, the Schedule Generator page allows you to create a course schedule of assignments. The page consists of three main sections: General Options, Settings and Assignment Schedule Generator. The General Options allow you to specify parameters for adjusting the schedule, such as by assignment-type, the unit to start generating from, and the date to start scheduling from. These items can be changed on an individual basis in the calendar view by hovering over specific assignments. In the Settings, you can adjust the deadline properties for the available assignment types. In Assignment Schedule Generator, you will set your weekly due dates.

When the schedule is generated, the system will take into account the course holidays you set on the Set Holidays page.

Use the Schedule Generator whenever you want to automatically assign (or reassign) your assignments, whether it is all of them or only a subset. (You can also edit assignments on the calendar). Also use the generator whenever you want to make global deadline changes to your assignments.

Note: Running the schedule generator will delete any pre-existing individual deadlines for those assignment types that are included in the generation process.

What assignments are affected?

The affected assignments are those of the selected assignment types marked in General Options.

For example, in the figure shown below, only PreLecture and Problem assignments starting from Unit 6: Electric Fields through the end of the course would be affected during the generation process. Even if deadline settings in the Settings area were changed for Bridge Questions (Checkpoints), no Bridge Question deadlines would be adjusted.


General Options

Here, the weekly assignment schedule is set. Press the Edit button in the upper right corner to edit the settings and run the generator.


Generate or modify schedule starting from this unit

This sets the starting unit for the generation process. Only the assignments of the selected assignment types starting from this unit will be included.


Generate or modify schedule starting from this date

This sets the date the generator will begin placing assignments according to the weekly schedule you set.


Assignment types to include during schedule generation

Here you can select the types of assignments you want to include in the generation process. As you select (deselect) an assignment type, you will notice that type appear (disappear) in the weekly schedule area at the bottom of the page.


Continue to "Settings" or "Assignment Schedule Generator" section below

Your selections for General Options will be applied to the changes you make in the following sections.


Set the weekly assignment schedule in the Settings box below General Options. You will need to press the Edit button in the upper right corner to start editing the settings and run the generator (unless you already pressed the Edit button in General Options).


Open each assignment

This sets the number of days before an assignment's due date that the assignment becomes available to students.


Default due time

This is the time of day the assignment will be due. The day of the week in which the assignment is due is set in the Assignment Schedule Generator section.


Make delayed feedback available

This parameter sets when students are made aware of the correctness of their answers to delayed feedback questions. These types of questions are identified by the clock icon appearing to the left of the question number. If set at or after the default deadline, then students will not know the correctness of their answers until after the delayed feedback deadline has passed.

All questions in Bridge Question assignments are delayed feedback questions and can only have their feedback made at or after the default deadline.


Adding/removing additional deadlines

Additional deadlines can be added to assignments in edit mode by pressing the + Add another deadline link.

Additional deadlines can be removed in reverse order by pressing the remove link to the right of the deadline number you wish to remove.


Assignment Schedule Generator

Setting the weekly schedule

The two-week calendar display is where you will set the typical weekly assignment schedule for your course. If you copied from an existing course (excluding template courses) when you created your course and selected the Copy deadlines option, then you should find that the weekly schedule was set for you. Otherwise, you will have to create a weekly schedule. In either case you will be able to make changes to your schedule.


Defining the "Lecture" event in the generator

When you set the weekly schedule, you are setting how many and when units will be covered on a weekly basis. Begin by setting the Lecture events (black boxes) on the days of the week your lectures will occur. For example, if your lectures are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then place Lecture #1 on Tuesday and Lecture #2 on Thursday.

Note that the Lecture events themselves will not actually appear in the course calendar.


How to add assignments to the schedule

After the Lecture days have been added to the calendar, you can add assignment events. Drag the assignment events to the days they would be due relative to their lecture day.

The following is a continuation of the Tuesday-Thursday lecture schedule example. In the figure below the PreLectures are set to be due the night before their corresponding lecture days; the Bridge Questions are due the day of the lecture; and the Problems are due on the following Sunday. (Note that the assignment due times are set in the Settings panel above).

Note: In your course you may have some units with multiple assignments of the same assignment type (e.g., two PreLectures for a given unit). In such cases all assignments in the unit of the same type will be due at the same time and day relative to the scheduled lecture day.


Adding / removing units

You can add or remove the number of units that are taught each week by clicking on the links to the far right of the Generate Schedule button. The maximum number of units per week is five and the minimum number is one.