LaunchPad > Can I set up multiple choice questions so that they accept more than one correct answer?

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Yes! Students will get full credit for the question if they pick one of the answer choices that you designate as correct. 

Note: This is different from a Multiple Select or Multiple Answer question, which requires more than one answer to be marked in order to be correct.

For more information on creating questions, see the help article How do I enter my own questions into a quiz?.

Edit your quiz and view questions

Locate the quiz in your table of contents, hover over it, click More Options, then click Edit. Click on the Questions tab to view your questions. Depending on your LaunchPad, you may see a Review & Modify tab instead.


Edit your question

If your quiz has a Questions tab, hover over the question and click the Edit link.



If your quiz has a Review & Modify tab, click the Edit link on the right of the question.


Click "Properties"

From the multiple choice Question Editor, click Properties.


Allow multiple correct answers

From the General tab, check the box for Allow multiple correct answers and click Close to exit the Question Properties window.


Add your question and click "Save"

If you haven't already, write your question stem and enter your answer choices. Then, check the boxes for all of the choices that should be counted as correct. (In the example below, blue and red could both be correct, since the sky is blue during the day but red at sunset.) When you're done, click Save.


Note the student experience

Please note that the question will look like a normal multiple choice question to students. They will be presented radio buttons, not check boxes, and will be expected to answer the question by selecting one radio button, as they do with other multiple choice questions.