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Creating a question pool allows you to create a group of questions from which one or more (depending on the setting) is chosen at random for students.

Create new quiz or edit existing quiz

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume you want to create a quiz for the Chapter 4 LaunchPad unit that consists of standard questions and at least one question pool. In the Chapter 4 unit, first click Add to this Unit and then Create new.

Note: If you have already created a quiz and want to add a pool to it, find the quiz in your table of contents, hover over it, click More Options, then click Edit. Then skip to the step Click "Questions" tab


Click “Quiz


Enter basic info

Provide a title for your quiz (in this case, Quiz with 1 Pool) and click the Save button. You can also add a Subtitle and Directions as needed.


Click "Questions" tab

To begin adding questions to your quiz, click the Questions tab at the top of your screen.

Important Note: If your quiz has a Search Questions tab and a Review & Modify tab instead of a Questions tab, you are using a different type of quiz and the rest of these instructions do not apply to you. Please see the help article How can I create a quiz using LaunchPad's question filters? and search for the section on question pools.


Select test bank chapter

Click on a chapter to view test banks that contain publisher-supplied questions. Here we have selected Chapter 4.


Select test bank

Your test bank chapter may be divided into categories of questions. If you see a list of test banks, click on a test bank (in this case, Study Guide) to view publisher-supplied questions.


Select questions for pool

When the Study Guide questions appear, select the questions you would like to become part of your pool using the check boxes to the left of each question. We have selected ten questions for our example.


Add to pool

With your selections checked, click the Add to pool button at the top, then click Add to new pool. You can also add individual questions by clicking the link under the question that says Add to this assessment, then select Add to new pool or an existing pool from the drop-down that appears.

Note: If you accidentally add questions using the Add button, you will have to remove them before you can add them to a pool.


Add title and pool settings

Give the pool a title (in this case, Pool #1), and provide the number of questions you would like pulled from the pool (in this case, 5 questions). This pool will show five random questions to each student from the total number in the pool (ten in this case). Click the Create button.


View pool

You can see that your pool now contains the questions you’ve selected from the Study Guide. If you’d like to hide the questions, click the Hide questions button.

You can also edit your pool settings by clicking Edit or remove the pool by clicking Remove. Move the pool to the top or bottom using the Move link, or move it to another location by clicking and dragging the three dots icon under the checkbox.


To add more questions (not in a pool)

Now that you’ve created your pool of ten questions (of which five will be pulled), you can select the rest of the questions from the Study Guide that you’d like to be part of your quiz (in this case, five more questions). Since these questions are NOT being added to the pool, once you’ve selected the questions, just click the Add button.

If you wanted to add these questions to a second pool, you could instead click Add to pool and then Add to new pool, as we did for the previous pool.


View all questions

You can see that your quiz now consists of the ten questions in your pool as well as five additional questions.


To add questions from another question bank

If you'd like to add questions from another question bank, click on the link at the upper left of your screen that says Question Banks to return to your question banks, then repeat the steps in this article starting with Select test bank chapter. You can add these questions to a new pool or to an existing pool, such as the one you created in this article.

Done editing

Once you’re done creating your quiz, click the Done Editing button at the top left.


View your quiz

Your quiz is finished. You can now choose to go back to the home page or assign your quiz.