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This article will show you how to create a new quiz using questions you write yourself.

For video instructions, please click on the image below. Scroll down to continue with the article.

If you have already created a quiz and you want to add your own questions to it, find the quiz in your table of contents, hover over it, click More Options, then click Edit. Then skip to the step Click "Questions" tab

Create a new quiz

Choose the LaunchPad unit in which you want to create a quiz. In this example, we're working in chapter 4. Click Add to this unit and then Create New.


Select "Quiz"


Enter basic info

Title your quiz and add a subtitle or directions as needed, then click Save. You'll see a green checkmark letting you know your quiz has been saved.


Click "Questions" tab

To begin adding questions to your quiz, click the Questions tab at the top of your screen.

Important Note: If your quiz has a Search Questions tab and a Review & Modify tab instead of a Questions tab, you are using a different type of quiz and the rest of these instructions do not apply to you. Please see the help article How do I write or edit a quiz question? to see how to add your own questions to this type of quiz.


Click "Create" above the right pane

Clicking the Create button will create a multiple choice question. You can also click the arrow to the right of the Create button for a drop-down list of other question types. Continue reading for more instructions on creating a multiple choice question, or jump to another question type below.

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Multiple choice

First type out your question, then hit the Enter key for each answer choice that you want to add (every time you press Enter, a bubble for an answer choice will appear). Mark the correct answer and click Save.

Add labels: The system does not label answer choices A, B, C, D, etc. You will need to add these label choices if you want them. The default setting for quizzes is to scramble answer choices, but your labels will always appear in the correct order.

Lock answer choices: Click the lock icon next to an answer choice to make sure it always appears in that position. For more information on scrambling and locking answer choices, see the help article Can I lock certain answer choices in place while scrambling others?.

Short Answer

Short answer questions are graded automatically and require an exact response. If you are looking for a long form question with a variety of answers, see Essay questions.

To create a short answer question, simply type in a question, type an answer in the answer field, and click Save.

Here is what it will look like to a student:

Fill in the blank

Another way to use short answer questions is as fill in the blanks.

Type out your fill-in-the-blank statement, using three or more underscores (___) to create a blank. Click in the answer field to type in the answer. Press the Enter key to confirm you have typed the complete answer.


Here is what it will look like to a student:


You can also create fill in the blanks with more than one blank and/or more than one answer per blank. Press Enter after each answer to start typing another answer. Press Enter a second time to start typing answers for another blank.

Fill in the blank questions also allow you to give a student partial credit for an answer. Click the % button to the right of the answer field to set a weight for each answer listed. Click on the word Default in the Points column to edit the points given for each answer. For example, entering .5 on a question worth one point will give a student half credit for that answer. Click Save when you are finished editing.



Don't forget to click the big blue Save button when you are finished working on your fill in the blank question.


The instructions for an essay question are the same as for Short Answer. The only difference is that essay questions are manually graded, while short answer questions are automatically graded and require an exact response.


Type in some instructions for your students, then enter the correctly matched terms. Press the Enter key to add another row of matched terms.

When you are finished, click Save.

This is how the question will appear to your students. The order of the matching terms is randomized. The first set of terms is numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. Students select the matching term for each number from a drop-down menu that shows a, b, c, etc.

The order of the matching terms is randomized and the terms are labeled a, b, c, etc. Student's select the matching answer from a dropdown menu that shows a, b, c, etc.

Multiple Answer

Multiple answer follows the same instructions as Multiple Choice, but you can mark more than one answer choice as correct.


Ordering questions are similar to Matching questions, but instead of choosing a matching item, students have to select a position for each item. 

Type in the instructions and the items for students to order. Press the Enter key to add another item to the list. By default these items will appear in a random order to your students. If you like, you can choose to lock the items in an incorrect order to avoid students seeing items in the correct order by chance. Click the lock icon to lock an item in place.

Here is what the question will look like to students. A drop-down menu for each number/position allows students to select answer choices a-e.