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  • A rubric is a tool that communicates your expectations for an assignment.
  • It lists the criteria and describes levels of quality from excellent to poor.
  • A rubric can be used to grade student work, but can also be used to teach students how to evaluate their own work or the work of their classmates.


This image shows the rubric for an impromptu speech assignment.

This rubric includes headings such as Topic, Introduction, and Physical Delivery. It includes subheadings such as "interesting and creative" and "tone of speech appropriate to the topic" under Topic. Each heading and subheading specifies a minimum and maximum number of points possible.

Why use a rubric?

  • Rubrics help you define "quality" for your students' work.
  • Rubrics can help you cut down how much time you spend grading.
  • Rubrics will help you explain to your students how you determined their grade.
  • Rubrics, when used by students, can help students learn to accept responsibility for the quality of their own work.

For more information on how to add a rubric to your video assignment, see the help article How do I add a rubric to a Video Assignment?.