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These instructions are for creating an instructor submitted video assignment. That means that the instructor will submit the video for students to review and make comments on. If you want students to submit videos, see the help article How do I create a student submitted Video Assignment?.

Create a new assignment

In LaunchPad, click + Add New from the home page to add a new assignment. In Writer's Help 2.0, follow the instructions in the help article How do I create assignments?


Click "Video Assignment"

Add a video

Depending on your LaunchPad, you may be prompted to add a video before you see the Basic Info tab in the step below. For more information on how to add a video, see the help article As an instructor, how do I load a video into a Video Assignment?.

To see the Basic Info tab and other settings tabs, click the Edit button within the video assignment, or find the assignment in the table of contents and click More Options, then Edit.

Edit button is at the top right of the video assignment, next to Previous and Next buttons.

Click the "Basic Info" tab

You can add a Title, Subtitle and Directions here. Remember to click Save when you're done.


If you forget to click Save you will see the reminder below.


Click the "Assignment" tab

Note: If you do not see the assignment tab, hover your mouse over the item in the table of contents and select Assign or More Options, then Assign.
  1. Select a due date
  2. Assign a point value
  3. Select an assignment category
  4. Choose a calculation type

Remember to click Assign when you're done.


Click the "Settings" tab


Choose Visibility status

  1. Choose Visible to students to make the assignment visible.
  2. Choose Hide from students to hide the assignment. You can go back later and manually change this to Visible to students when you're ready for your students to see the assignment.
  3. Choose Hide from students until date to bring up a calendar so you can select a date upon which your students will be able to see the assignment. They will not see it before this date.


Choose Assignment Type

  1. Choose Private if you want student submissions to go only to you.
  2. Choose Shared if you want student submissions to go to both instructors and peers.


Who do you want to submit video?

Selecting Instructor here means you will submit the video that your students will review.

For more information on creating student submitted Video Assignments, please review the help article How do I create a student submitted Video Assignment?.

  1. Choose whether or not you want students to submit comments. You can also set a minimum number of comments that they must submit before their assignment is considered complete. Note: students can submit more than the minimum if they wish. Students can also leave comments even if the Add comments box isn’t checked.
  2. Choose whether or not you want to use a rubric. For more information on adding a rubric to a Video Assignment, please review the help article How do I add a rubric to a Video Assignment?. Note: you must save your settings before clicking Add or edit rubric so it makes sense to wait to add your rubric until you're done finalizing your other settings.


Choose who can see student comments


Choose who can see instructor comments


Click "Save" to save your settings