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Note: The following instructions are for LaunchPad, but the same instructions also apply when using Writer's Help 2.0.

Before adding LaunchPad content to Blackboard

Please make sure you have completed the instructions in the following articles.

Assign content in LaunchPad

If you are syncing LaunchPad assignments with your Blackboard gradebook, apply due dates and points to content in LaunchPad first. Due dates and points must only be applied in LaunchPad. Applying these settings in Blackboard will not sync the LaunchPad content with the Blackboard gradebook

View the following help article for video instructions on how to assign content in LaunchPad: How do I assign content in LaunchPad?

View video instructions (optional)

See this article for a video version of the instructions below: Adding LaunchPad Content to Blackboard

Click on a content area on the left side of your Blackboard course

Choose a content area where you would like your LaunchPad content to appear.


Click on "Partner Content," then "Content Market"

Note: Content Market is called Commercial Content in some versions of Blackboard.


Click on the Macmillan icon under "Used in this Course"

Click on the image to zoom in.

Expand the "LaunchPad Units" folder 

Click on the arrow to the left of LaunchPad Units to expand the folder. Do not use Additional Resources.

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Select LaunchPad content that you intend to sync with Blackboard

Gradebook items will appear under the Assignments folder. A bar graph icon next to an assignment indicates that it will create a gradebook column after being synced with Blackboard.

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Items that you do not wish to sync with the Blackboard gradebook (LaunchPad Homepage, eBook content, videos, animations) can be selected in the chapter folders. These should not be assigned in LaunchPad first.

After selecting all gradebook and non-gradebook content you'd like to add to Blackboard, click Submit.

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Confirm the Blackboard destination folder, points, and gradebook categories for LaunchPad items

If necessary, you can change the folder by clicking the Browse button. Points and grade category can only be edited in LaunchPad.

When done, click Submit.

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View content in Content Area

Links to Launchpad content will appear in the specified Blackboard Content Area.

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View assigned items in gradebook

Gradebook columns and categories will appear in the Blackboard gradebook for assigned LaunchPad items. Assigned LaunchPad items will also sync with the Blackboard Calendar.

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