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These instructions are for LaunchPad, but the same steps can be followed for Writer's Help 2.0 unless otherwise noted.

Important note: The steps detailed in this section describe the operations that you can perform to import only non-gradable LaunchPad activities into your Canvas course. Any LaunchPad content imported into Canvas using the steps below will not post to the Canvas Assignments area or the Canvas gradebook.

To import gradable content such as quizzes, LearningCurve exercises and other assignment types, please see the help article Import LaunchPad/Writer's Help 2.0 content into your Canvas course: Gradebook Items.

(Optional) Create a new module for your LaunchPad content

Click Modules in your left-hand navigation menu, then click + Module.

Give your module a name. In this example, we will name our module LaunchPad Module.

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Add LaunchPad content

Proceed to the desired Canvas course module (in the example it’s called LaunchPad Module) and click the + button to add an item.

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From the "Select Assignment" drop-down menu, select "External Tool"

On the Add Item panel, select External Tool from the drop-down.


Click "Macmillan Learning"

Still in the Add Item panel, click Macmillan Learning.


View your LaunchPad table of contents inside Canvas

Canvas will display the LaunchPad table of contents (TOC) in a window titled Link Resource from External Tool.

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What do the orange arrowheads mean?

The presence of an arrowhead alongside any LaunchPad item indicates that it is a folder which can be expanded to view its contents. To expand the view of a folder, click the arrowhead. You can drill down into the components of each LaunchPad unit in the same way.


Expanded vs. collapsed view of folders within the Content Selector

  1. Arrowheads that have been dropped down represent folders that have been expanded.
  2. Individual items do not have an arrowhead to the left of their title.
  3. Arrowheads that remain pointed to the right represent folders that have items within them. Click on the arrowhead to expand the folder.


Can I preview LaunchPad items before adding them to my course?

To preview any item in the TOC simply click its name. The link will place you directly in that resource in LaunchPad. After reviewing the content you can return to Canvas by simply closing the browser tab in which the Macmillan content was displayed.

How will I know which LaunchPad items I should import?

To view the gradebook status of any item listed in the TOC, simply click the i to the right of the assignment name. Canvas will display a small panel with the LaunchPad gradebook details and the import status for that TOC item.


Make sure all items you are importing are not worth points before continuing.

Click the i again to close the info panel.

Select a LaunchPad item you wish to import into your Canvas course

The top folder is Assignments. This folder contains all of the content you have already assigned in LaunchPad.

To assign in Canvas the non-graded content you've already assigned in LaunchPad, click the orange arrow on the left of the Assignments folder to expand it and select a non-graded item inside.

If you prefer, you can also find and select a LaunchPad item within any other folder. Just make sure the item is non-graded before importing it.

Please note: You can select/import only one LaunchPad non-gradable item to Canvas at a time.


What are the "LaunchPad" and "E-book" items for?

You'll see the LaunchPad and E-book items above the Assignments folder. Selecting them will give your students a quick link to the entire LaunchPad home page and to the home page filtered by the e-book only from your Canvas course.

Please note that selecting these options might confuse students. They may not be sure what you'd like them to do after landing on the LaunchPad home page or in the e-book. Linking to assignments individually provides students with the best experience.


Deploy Selected Content

Make your selection and click the Deploy Selected Content button.


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Canvas will re-display the Add Item to Module panel. On the Add Item to Module panel, scroll down and check the box for Load in a new tab, then click Add Item.


View module and repeat steps

Canvas will re-display the course module which now contains the new LaunchPad content item. To add additional non-gradebook assignments, click the + button and repeat the steps in this article.

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When you're ready, publish the new assignments and the module itself

In the module view, remember to publish each LaunchPad assignment that you add. You'll also need to publish the module itself to make it visible to students.

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