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Please note: Due dates, points, and gradebook categories must only be set in your Macmillan course. If these are changed in Brightspace/D2L, the automatic grade sync might not function properly.

Important note about Macmillan grade sync

  • Students must connect their D2L/Brightspace and Macmillan accounts (complete Single-Sign-On) for Macmillan grades to sync with the D2L/Brightspace gradebook.
  • Direct students to this video or these written instructions for help completing Single-Sign-On.
  • If students do not complete Single-Sign-On, Macmillan grades will not sync with D2L/Brightspace.

Access the Course Admin panel of your D2L/Brightspace course and click "Course Builder"

Note: Course Admin might also be called Edit Course or another variation in your D2L course. It is usually located at the top right of the course. If you cannot locate Course Admin in your courses, please contact your D2L/Brightspace Administrator.

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Drag and drop the Macmillan Course Builder Tool into a module

Under Add Content, drag the Macmillan Course Builder Tool into the preferred D2L/Brightspace content module. Release the tool with your mouse when the module is highlighted. Visit this article for instructions showing how to create D2L/Brightspace content modules.

Add items to your course

Click the checkbox next to each item that you wish to deploy to a D2L content module.

Links to your Macmillan course homepage or e-book (if available) are located at the top of the table of contents.

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Macmillan content that has been assigned for a grade will populate in the Assignments folder. Click the orange drop-down arrow to expand the folder. These items will create gradebook columns in D2L/Brightspace after deployment.

Note: Assignments with a bold font have already been deployed to D2L/Brightspace. Visit this article for help adding existing External Learning Tools  to a D2L/Brightspace content module.

Grey font indicates items that have not yet been deployed to D2L.
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Items that have not been assigned in the Macmillan course are available for selection at the chapter level. Expand the Chapter drop-down arrows to select non-graded content.

Note: If preferred, items that have been assigned for a grade in your Macmillan course can also be selected at the chapter level.

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Deploy Selected Content

Confirm the number of items selected and click Deploy Selected Content.


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Close the confirmation page

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Return to your D2L/Brightspace course "Content" area

Proceed to the Content view in your D2L/Brightspace course by clicking the Content link at the top left of your Course Builder page.

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Macmillan content links will be available in your D2L/Brightspace content modules. Please watch this video for help reordering or moving content in D2L/Brightspace.

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Graded items, points, and categories will transfer to the D2L/Brightspace gradebook

Note: Due dates, points, and gradebook categories must be set in your Macmillan course. Changes to these settings in D2L will result in grade sync issues.

Click "Grades" then "Manage Grades" to view Macmillan content in the D2L gradebook.
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