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This article walks you through creating groups of students. You can create specific groups where you choose the students in each group, or you can generate groups automatically for your entire class. As an example, the first method can be used to create a group for specific students who are making up a test, and the second method can be used to assign students to groups to work on a project together.

Go to Instructor Console

From your home page, click Instructor Console in the left-hand sidebar.



Click "Roster & Groups"


Click “Create New Group Set”


Generate Groups

The screen will refresh and a Generate Groups window will appear. You can use this window to automatically separate all of your students into groups with approximately the same number of students. If you want to create one or more specific groups, press Cancel here. 


Add group

From the page that appears, click on + Add Group in the top-right corner.


Name group

Title your group (in this case Time Extension Students), and click OK.


Name group set and add students

Enter a Group set name in the empty top-left box. You can add more groups to this group set by clicking + Add Group again. Note that each student can only be in one group in every group set. If you need a student to be part of more than one group, you will have to create another group set.

To add students to the group, hover your mouse over the group column in the same row as the student you want to add and click. A green check mark should appear, indicating the student was successfully added to the group. To remove a student from a group, simply click the green check mark. It will disappear, indicating the student has been removed from the group.


Click "OK" to save group set

When you have finished creating your groups, click OK at the bottom-right of the page.


View group set

Your new group set will now appear under Group Sets. If at any point you wish to make changes to this group set, click Edit.