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Students can submit files up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size through the dropbox feature of LaunchPad.

You can download and grade items from your LaunchPad dropbox. Just remember that when you first create your dropbox you must both assign it a due date and enter points in the gradebook settings.

  • If you don't assign your dropbox your students will be able to see it (assuming you've made it visible) but will not be able to upload documents.
  • If you assign it but don't make it worth any points then your students will be able to upload assignments, but you will not be able to see or download the submissions.

For more information on how to use a dropbox to grade student submissions, please read the help article How do I use a dropbox to grade student submissions?.

To download your students' submissions, follow the steps below.


Add a dropbox

From your home page, open the unit to which you want to add a dropbox and click Add to this Unit.


Select "Create new"


Click "Dropbox"


Enter Basic Info

Under the Basic Info tab you are brought to, title your dropbox (in this case, “Dropbox Assignment”), enter any directions for your students, and click Save.


Enter Assignment settings

Go to the Assignment tab. Choose a due date, point value, category, calculation type, etc. You must assign a due date and points here in order to download and grade student submissions. When you are done, click Assign.


Click "Done Editing"

When you are finished making any changes to the assignment you want, click Done Editing at the top of the page.


Click "Home"

Click Home to return to your home page. Your dropbox assignment will now appear within the unit.