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After you copy a course from a previous semester, you will want to update the due dates on your assignments. To update all the dates at once, you can use a feature called the Batch Due Date Updater.

Note: Do not activate your new course until after you've updated it with your new dates.

In particular, be sure not to activate your course until after you've updated it with your new dates if you're using the Zero Scores for Unsubmitted Assignments feature. If you copy a course with this feature enabled and do not update the due dates prior to activating the course, students will receive 0's for every assignment. If that has already happened, please contact tech support.

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From your course home page, click "Instructor Console"


Click "Batch Due Date Updater"


Enter your due dates

This will bring you to a screen where you can enter the dates from the previous semester that you would like to update. Clicking in the empty boxes will bring up a calendar from which to select the dates.


Choose a new start date

Once you have filled in the assignment date range, choose a new start date. This may be the first day of class or the date to which you want to map your first assignment.


Select "Update due dates"

You will see a summary message that tells you how many assignments are being updated. This window also shows you the number of days each assignment will be shifted. If this information looks correct, select Update due dates.


It is important to remember that this is an automatic shift, and some items may still need to be manually updated. For example, if there were holidays or vacations (Spring Break or reading days) in your previous semester that do not occur in the current semester, you may need to make manual changes to account for the differences in each semester.