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You can download and grade items from your dropbox. Just remember that when you first create your dropbox you must both assign it a due date and enter points in the gradebook settings.

  • If you don't assign your dropbox your students will be able to see it (assuming you've made it visible) but will not be able to upload documents.
  • If you assign it but don't make it worth any points then your students will be able to upload assignments, but you will not be able to see or download the submissions.

For more information on how to add a dropbox to a LaunchPad unit, please read the help article Adding a Dropbox to a LaunchPad Unit.

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Download your student's work

See the below steps for instructions on how to download a student's work.


Click on the dropbox

Dropbox #1 listed as an item in the LaunchPad table of contents

Click the "ungraded submissions" link

Clicking on the ungraded submissions link will take you to your results page for this dropbox.

If you plan to manually grade your students' submissions then you should be sure to select Manually graded when you're creating your dropbox assignment. If you choose Full credit on completion then your students will receive full credit for the dropbox assignment as soon as they upload it.

For more information on how to assign resources in LaunchPad, please visit the help article Assigning Items Within a LaunchPad Unit.


Click on the "page" icon next to your student's name

Ungraded student submissions will appear to the right of your student's name as an icon that looks like a page from a book.


Click on the "Student Document" link to download the submission to your computer


Uploading your mark-up

See the below steps for instructions on how to upload a marked-up copy of your student's work. You are not required to upload a mark-up. If you simply want to leave a grade for your student after downloading and viewing their work, jump to Enter Grade.


Click the green plus sign to upload your marked-up document

Green plus sign icon next to "Teacher Document"

Click "Choose File" to upload the document


Select your document


Enter grade

Once you've read your student's work you can enter a grade in the Score box. From here you have the option to Submit Score or Continue Later if you plan to enter a grade later. Your students will not see their grade or your marked-up copy of their paper until you submit their score.


Click "Continue Later" to delay sending the final grade to the gradebook

Clicking Continue Later will enable you to leave the student's grade box empty or enter a temporary grade. The grade will not report to the gradebook and the student will not see it. The mark-up will be visible only to you in the dropbox.

When you're ready you can submit the student's final score and upload a revision.

Submit Score

Choose Submit Score to return the grade and your mark-up to your student.


What your students see

If you've submitted your student's score with a mark-up, the student can now download your mark-up from their dropbox.

Dropbox #1 resource open in LaunchPad now contains a grade and an attached Feedback document