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The following process will allow you to have a firm due date on an assignment for grade purposes, but also provide the opportunity for students to access the same problems for ungraded practice.

Prior to following these steps, you should have in mind where you intend to place the practice assignments. They could reside next to the scored attempts or be grouped together in a review unit or folder.

Click "Assign" on the right of the assignment for which you would like create a practice version


Click “Move or Copy”

Click the Move or Copy link next to Manage Content Item at the bottom of the screen that appears.


Select the unit where you would like the practice assignment to reside

Once you've clicked on the unit of your choice, click Copy.


Edit the title and directions to fit the practice purpose of your new assignment

Once your title and directions reflect that the assignment is for review or practice, click Save.


Move assignment to desired location

The assignment will be created and placed at the top of the section you indicated. Click and drag it to your desired location.


It is important that a due date is associated with the assignment, or students will be unable to access the problems

If the purpose of creating this practice assignment is to allow students to practice before an exam, then the due date could be right before exam time. Click Assign to the right of the practice assignment to open the assignment editor and change the due date. You can also use this screen to assign a point value of zero.