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Assigning an entire LaunchPad unit

Click "Assign” to the right of the unit title


Select a due date for all of the items within the unit and click “Assign”


Click “OK”

This will confirm that you would like to assign all of the content items in the unit to be due on the due date you selected.


Assignments in the unit will be due on the specified date and worth a default point value

List of assignments in the unit with To Do labels, due dates, and default point values

Assigning certain content items within a LaunchPad unit

Select a resource to assign

To assign a particular item within a LaunchPad unit, open the unit and hover over the resource you would like to assign. Then click the Assign button at the right.


Manage assignment

Select a due date, enter a point value, and select or create a gradebook category for the resource. Click Assign when you're done.


The resource is now assigned within the unit

Resource listed in table of contents with To Do label, due date, and point value

Creating your own content items and assigning them within a LaunchPad unit

Click "Add to this Unit"

To create your own content item and then assign it within a LaunchPad unit, open the unit you want to create an item within and click Add to this Unit.


Click “Create new”


Provide basic information for the item and click “Save”


Click the “Assignment” or "Assign Due Date" tab at the top of the screen


Choose assignment settings

Set the due date, point value, gradebook category, and other assignment settings. Then assign the item.

NOTE: If you check the box for Hide grade from student until due date has passed, your students will not have access to their grades until the due date passes. This can sometimes confuse students who expect to see their grades immediately after submitting their answers. We recommend that if you choose this setting you alert your students so they know what to expect.


Click the “Settings” tab at the top of the screen


Adjust the settings for the assignment and click “Save”


Click the "Questions" tab at the top of the screen

You will only see this tab if you are creating a Quiz or Homework assignment. 

Important Note: If your quiz has a Search Questions tab and a Review & Modify tab instead of a Questions tab, you are using a different type of quiz and the rest of these instructions do not apply to you. Please see the help article How can I create a quiz using LaunchPad's question filters? for more information.


To add questions to your item, select the chapter you wish to pull questions from


Select the bank of questions you wish to pull from


Add questions

To add questions to your assignment, check the box at the left of each question and then click the Add button.


The questions are now part of your assignment


When finished adding content to your assignment, click the “Done Editing” button at the top left


You can see the assignment policies and content


Click the “Home” button to get back to the home page


You can see that your new assignment now exists within the LaunchPad unit