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We highly recommend you review Homework Assignment Requirements and Best Practices before beginning to create Homework Assignments.

It is sometimes useful to preview a Homework assignment, to see the questions as a student would see them. In some LaunchPads, it is also possible to preview a single question as you are editing a Homework assignment.

Do not edit a question to preview it

Warning: Do not edit a publisher-provided question in the place of previewing it. Choosing to edit a question will prevent any publisher-provided updates to that question, should they occur. This will happen even if you don't actually alter the question in any way.

To preview your entire Homework assignment

Warning: Once a student has submitted an attempt in a Homework assignment, you will be unable to make edits to questions and question settings for that assignment. This includes when you take the Homework assignment as a student in View as Student mode. For this reason, we are recommending a three-course approach as outlined in the help article How can I review Homework activities as a student?. If you need a question edited after the assignment has been locked, you can use a workaround described in the help article How do I edit the content of a question in a locked Homework assignment?.

Click on the Preview as a Student button in the left sidebar, then click on your Homework assignment in the table of contents. Using this method, you can preview your homework questions and submit answers as many times as you like. This method is available in all LaunchPads, but remember to only use it in the review branch if you are using the three course approach as described in How can I review Homework activities as a student?.

To preview a single question in your homework assignment

This method is not available in all LaunchPads. If your quiz has a Search for Questions and Review & Modify tab rather than a Questions tab, use the method above.

You can preview a Homework question both after you've created a Homework Assignment and during the Homework Assignment creation process.


Method 1: After you've created a Homework assignment

Click on the Homework Assignment

In the LaunchPad Table of Contents

Hover the mouse over the question and choose "Preview"

Note that you won't see the Preview option until you hover your mouse over the question you're trying to preview.


Preview the question

A box will appear showing you the full question. Only click Edit if you intend to change the question.


Method 2: During Homework assignment creation

Create a Homework Activity

For more information on how to create a Homework Assignment, please review the help article How do I create a Homework activity?.


Click on the "Questions" tab


Choose "Preview"


Preview the question

A box will appear showing you the full question. Only click Edit if you intend to modify the question.